Work With Yvonne

Having helped other authors in their projects from all over the world, Yvonne has found a different satisfaction from her writing. Helping people is what gives purpose to our lives.

Do you want Yvonne’s help with your project? Maybe it’s not a book or website, but don’t worry that is not a problem. Creatives need to work together. Below you will find testimonials by authors who are working with, and have worked with, Yvonne.

“I was fortunate to meet Yvonne after reaching out online for help to create a character for my book, Jackson. My writing did not portray the anxious mind that was integral to the main character. Not only did Yvonne respond, she and I shared drafts for several weeks. Jackson came to fruition because of Yvonne’s own personal experience and proficiency in writing. As the book unfolded, Yvonne also took on an editing role, making recommendations to improve sentence flow, grammar and structure.

Without hesitation, I recommend Yvonne Marrs as a Freelance Editor. She is remarkably intuitive, kind, professional, sticks to deadlines and extremely reliable.  Jackson would not be the impactful book it is today without her insights.”

Lynn McLaughlin

B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.

Award-Winning Author, Podcast Host, and Consultant

Jackson by Lynn McLaughlin

“I wholeheartedly recommend Yvonne as an editor.  Not only is she a great editor but if not for her I would not have even written a book.  We met rather innocuously—she bought some stuff at my eBay store.  The correspondence grew and before long I was writing like I’d never written before.  Her encouragement is priceless.  She has great insight as to what works and what doesn’t, from the reader’s point of view and she never tries to change your individual style, that is, your voice.  Yvonne will work with you on your creation, adapt to your style, thus giving great insights and helping you craft your characters to reality.  She is equally fluent in English and American.  Highly recommended.”

Raven of Iskander by Stephen E J Tomporowski

Please get in touch to discuss your ideas. Anything considered! Email with an outline of your project and how you’d like Yvonne’s help.