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A first for 2021 – Podcasts from Yvonne!

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Please note, the channel is in it’s infancy.

It starts with instructional videos from Y Marrs Colourist. There are different playlists for Yvonne’s work.

Shout out to ‘Syemak’ who created music especially for the Y Marrs Colourist videos!

Find him here: Syemak on SoundCloud

Yvonne’s Amazon page

More details about Yvonne and her books from Amazon.

As mentioned before:

Yvonne’s Creative website – and the link to her brand new eShop to buy from her directly!

Y Marrs Colourist

On their shared site, Yvonne and her husband John, have separate galleries for exploration.

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The next link is for the two songs of Joshua Francis’s that he and Yvonne worked together to create – Yvonne wrote the words, and Joshua created the tracks! Both sufferers of invisible illnesses, they share a common bond, and wanted to show fellow sufferers that ambitions can still be achieved, even with having chronic illnesses. Yvonne published an eBook of prose entitled “Putting the Visible Into So Called Invisible Illnesses” from which the two tracks were taken – ‘Churn, churn, churn’ ¬†and ‘Of All The Things’.

Artwork designed by Yvonne Marrs, words by Samantha Francis.

Listen to it here

Link to Yvonne’s eBook from the collaboration:

Putting The Visible Into So Called Invisible Illnesses Through Poetry

Yvonne continues to help Stephen E J Tomporowski publish his books, even from opposite sides of the pond! They rose to the challenge of creating an eBook of short stories – The Day The Elves Stole My Wife and Other Stories. Most pieces are from Steve’s archives, with some of Yvonne’s snippets from her already published work. Overall, it is an unusual and enjoyable mix.

Yvonne has been working with Mike Izzard, Station Master of Nast Hyde Halt, since learning his story (summer 2021). Not only did she create a website to showcase the old Hatfield to St. Albans branch line, and a range of Nast Hyde Halt merchandise on her Redbubble shop, the old Ghost Station features in her forthcoming 40th book –

Termination at the Halt. Due for publication 1st March 2022!