This week (25th September 2021) Yvonne’s eBooks are being processed on sites other than Kobo and Amazon. For more information, please see the About The Books page.


In the last three weeks, Yvonne has been working with Station Master Mike of Nast Hyde Halt, to create a fabulous website telling the history of the local Hatfield to St Albans line – and the restoration Mike undertook at the Halt.

Yvonne’s 40th book “Termination at the Halt” features the Halt, and Mike, and is in the process of being written. Updates are going to be posted on the Guest Blog on the official Nast Hyde Halt website.

Lots of updates have been happening recently, including support pages and other media channels – YouTube videos and podcasts from Yvonne. Please see the Links page for more information.


Yvonne is setting up a freelance writing and editing service – and already has several irons in the fire.

Please get in touch if you would like to ask Yvonne’s help for your project.


There is a range of notebooks via Yvonne’s crafting business, Y Marrs Colourist, available from Amazon directly. Orders are printed on demand, so timescales for delivery are between 5-10 days.


After many hours (50+) the eShop for Yvonne’s crafting business is fully ready,

please visit it from this link: Y Marrs Colourist eShop


Background story on Yvonne and her work follows…

Yvonne Marrs is an international author, with several fictional series and multiple stand alone books under her belt.  This link will take you to the Amazon search of her published books.

Books by Yvonne Marrs

Currently there are 39 eBooks available on Amazon’s Kindle store written, edited, designed and published by Yvonne! Most of these have been produced also in paperback format, except for the three omnibus books as they are too large.