The first link is for the two songs of Joshua Francis’s that he and Yvonne worked together to create – Yvonne wrote the words, and Joshua created the tracks! Both sufferers of invisible illnesses, they share a common bond, and wanted to show fellow sufferers that amibitions can still be achieved, even with having chronic illnesses. Yvonne published an eBook of prose entitled “Putting the Visible Into So Called Invisible Illnesses” from which the two tracks were taken – ‘Churn, churn, churn’ ¬†and ‘Of All The Things’.

Artwork designed by Yvonne Marrs, words by Samantha Francis.

Listen to it here!

Link to Yvonne’s eBook:

As mentioned before:

Yvonne’s Creative website

Yvonne’s photography site


Recently, Yvonne has helped her good friend Stephen E J Tomporowski to publish his first book – what is even more amazing is that they live at opposite sides of the pond!

Yvonne designed the book cover and website for Steve, and has been created as his editor and his inspiration to finally achieve his dream. He plans a series of books, and no doubt Yvonne will aid him in the continuation of his publishing journey.

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View the series website here!


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