Here you’ll find updates and news. Each separate part of this page will be indicated by the open book image, so as to make it easier to follow.


Yvonne has also launched her own crafting business, Y Marrs Colourist, and is booked to attend four Christmas craft fairs in 2017. Please see her separate website for details.


Yvonne’s publicity images:

With her first saxophone.

With her upgraded sax, a Selmer La Vie.

An author interview with Yvonne you might find of interest, courtesy of Natasha Orme.

Author Interview: Yvonne Marrs


Yvonne’s YouTube TV interview as part of a show called Robert’s Full English Breakfast:

Yvonne with host Robert Gray (and her super shiny saxophone!) behind the scenes at Robert’s Full English Breakfast Show.




Some media articles about Yvonne’s Sax Man books.

Some of Yvonne’s photos of her and her books.

The Olympic Rings at Kew Gardens (WTSMP 4 release coincided with the London Olympic Games in 2012)

Yvonne personally signing books (this is book 5)

Yvonne at the Eastbourne International Tennis Tournament, with Novak Djokovic looking on in the background. Is it any wonder Yvonne is called a player with that outfit?!

Pausing in her photography at Kew Gardens under some handy shelter!

This is usually all you see of Yvonne whilst at work behind the lens!

At the Imprint Digital stand during London Book Fair, Yvonne met Jamie, the man who helps get her books to perfect format before the company print them.

On the New Titles Showcase, Yvonne with her proud parents.

In May 2011 (before Yvonne became ill) she completed the local Race for Life dressed as a Sax Man as the date coincided with the official publication of her first novel!

At the local library, copies of Yvonne’s books are available. Yvonne is here with her parents wearing their famous “When The Sax Man Plays” tshirts.